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Crane fitting for metal-plastic pipes 16x16 (steel ball)

  • Crane fitting for metal-plastic pipes 16x16 (steel ball)


from 1 pc.1 125.44 грн.
from 10 pc.1 101.43 грн.

Connection type - crimp collet Maximum working pressure-25 bar Mounting method-Horizontal / vertical Plating-Nickel Type of shutter - Ball body Material-Brass Actuator-Manual Handle-butterfly (steel anodized)

Crane fitting for metal-plastic pipes 16x16 (steel ball)

The ball valve made of brass manufactured by Santekhmontazh is designed for connection of metal-plastic pipes with a diameter of 16 mm in systems. Operation - a butterfly handle made of galvanized steel.On both sides of the ball valve - connection with a metal-plastic pipe by means of a collet with a union nut. Installation is not recommended in places where axial pull-out force is possible (for example, on vertical sections of pipelines) and in situations where bending forces may occur, transmitted through the metal-plastic pipe to the valve body (this can reduce the tightness of the connection due to deformation of the metal-plastic pipe in the crimp collet) 

Advantages of a ball valve for metal-plastic pipes 16mm with a butterfly:

brass nickel plated body
attractive appearance
reasonable price of a ball valve with excellent quality, certified in Ukraine
low internal resistance
compact size, simple and reliable ball valve

Ball valves for metal-plastic pipes 16mm with "butterfly" meet the following parameters:

Working medium: non-aggressive liquids, water
Nominal pressure, PN (PN): up to 1 MPa
Temperature: up to + 110 ° C
Leakage class according to GOST 9544-2005: class A
Material: brass LS-59

Ball valve device for MP-pipe 16mm with "butterfly":

Valve body nut (brass)
Valve body (brass)
O-rings (PTFE)
Shut-off ball (chrome steel)
Control stem (brass)
"Butterfly" (steel anodized)
Clamp nut (brass)
Stem seal (PTFE)

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