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Metal-plastic coupling 26x26 connecting

  • Metal-plastic coupling 26x26 connecting


from 1 pc.1 166.63 грн.
from 10 pc.1 140.77 грн.

Type: Coupling, Connection diameter: 26x26 mm, Working pressure-15.0 (Bar), Manufacturer: No brand,

Metal-plastic coupling 26x26 connecting

Permanent fittings are used for installation in piping systems to perform a variety of functions. One-piece fittings can serve both hot and cold water in your piping system. The fittings can be used to either turn the line or lengthen the pipes in your pipeline, or you can use the fittings to add new lines that will exit the main pipe.

Metal-plastic pipes are assembled using fittings. Sequence of operations:

• The pipe is cut with special scissors.
• The end of the pipe is machined with a calibrator. This is a special reamer that flattens the end of the pipe.
• First the nut is put on the prepared end of the pipe, then the ferrule.
• Fitting nipple is inserted into the pipe.
• The ferrule moves toward the fitting and the nut moves there so that it overlaps the ferrule.
• Using two wrenches, tighten the nut. This completes the connection.


Fitting model  Coupling
Thread size   1 "
Pipe size       26 mm

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