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Reducing tee for metal-plastic pipes 26х16х26

  • Reducing tee for metal-plastic pipes 26х16х26
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Fitting type - Tee, Connection diameter - 26x16x26, Reducing version, Body material - Brass, Plating - Nickel, Application - Heating, water supply, Working medium - Water

Reducing tee for metal-plastic pipes 26-16-26

Tee brass crimp connecting is used for connecting and routing metal-plastic pipes. This type of connecting tees is suitable for the installation of metal-plastic pipes where the pipes to be connected can have different diameters. For installation, an adjustable, open-end or torque wrench is used. Reducing connecting tee is designed for use in hot and cold heating and water supply systems. Nickel-plated tee provide durable protection against corrosion and significantly extend its service life.

  • Purpose - reinforced-plastic pipes are intended for drinking and household cold water supply systems, hot water supply, water radiator heating of the water floor and walls, ground heating, as well as technological pipelines transporting liquids that are not aggressive to the pipe materials.


  • A type                                              tee
  • View                                                compression fitting

     Material                                          brass

    Appointment                                   for metal-plastic pipes

    Tee shape                                       T-shaped

    Reducing                                         Yes

    Max. operating temperature, ° C     95

    Injection                                           90

    Connection diameter, mm                20,16

  • Working pressure: up toт                10 бар;

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