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Tee for metal-plastic pipes 16x16x16

  • Tee for metal-plastic pipes 16x16x16
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Fitting type - Tee, Connection diameter - 16x16x16, Body material - Brass, Plating - Nickel, Application - Heating, water supply, Working medium - Water

 Tee for metal-plastic pipes 16x16x16

Tee for metal-plastic pipes - the connecting part of the pipe, installed in the places of branches, turns for a tight connection.Fittings are used for the installation of metal-plastic pipes. Due to the fact that the fittings are made of brass with a high copper content, they are strong and durable. The brass fitting is nickel plated to prevent oxidation. This allows not only to increase the service life, but also to maintain a beautiful appearance for many years.

Fitting application

Fittings for reinforced plastic pipes are used:

  • in the hot and cold water supply system;
    for heating systems;
    for piping to mixers;
    for the drain fittings of the toilet bowl, etc.

A reinforced-plastic pipe fitting has the following advantages:

  • do not require welding;
    quick and easy installation;
    do not require skills for work and special tools;
    reducing the labor intensity of the process of installing and installing metal-plastic pipes for heating and water supply;
    the ability to connect sewer and water pipes from metal-plastic with other types of pipes: steel, polypropylene, copper or plastic.


Type                                                Tee

Diameter                                         16x16x16

Material:                                          nickel-plated brass

Connection type, thread                 checkpoint

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