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steel radiator KOER 11 type 500H x 500L side connection

  • steel radiator KOER 11 type 500H x 500L side connection
  • Brand: KOER Чехия
  • Product Code: рад42
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from 1 pc.1 1,346.33 грн.

Radiator type: 11, Connection method: Side connection, Power: 377 W, Height: 500 mm, Length: 500 mm, Weight: 8.35 kg, Manufacturer: Koer - Czech Republic

Steel panel radiators are intended for use in residential, public and industrial buildings. They are used both in one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems with forced or natural circulation of the coolant.

Benefits of Koer radiators:

Radiators are made only of high quality cold rolled sheet steel;
The use of the most modern equipment guarantees the quality of all welded joints in the radiator, which are mainly a factor in the durability of service.
The painting steps provide protection against corrosion and create a perfectly smooth surface.
Large nomenclature range
Low thermal inertia. Minimum dimensions of a steel radiator with increased heat output.

Complete set of Koer radiators:

All Koer panel radiators are delivered in packaging.

All radiators are equipped with an air release device (Mayevsky tap), a set of brackets for installing the radiator on the wall and the required number of plugs. All radiator hoses have the same diameter with an internal thread G 1/2


Radiator type: 11
Connection method: Side connection
Power: 377 kW
Height: 500 mm
Length: 500mm
Weight: 8.35kg
Manufacturer: Koer - Czech Republic


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