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"Mayevsky" crane with handle 1/2"

  • "Mayevsky" crane with handle 1/2"
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Diameter: 1/2 ", Material: Brass, Manufacturer: No brand, Type: Mayevsky cranes,

"Mayevsky" crane with handle 1/2"

Mayevsky crane with handle 1/2 - needed to relieve high pressure and bleed air in the hot water or heating system.

The valve has a metal body with a technological hole and a small plastic cage. A tapered thread with a clamping bolt is installed inside the cage. A hole for water drainage is made in the plastic holder. For ease of use, the holder rotates 360 °.

Heating systems operate on the principle of hot water circulation through pipelines and radiators. Batteries heat the air in the room and if an air lock occurs in the system, then the water circulation is noticeably reduced. As a result, the heating of the room is less efficient and here the air vent - the Mayevsky crane - comes into operation.

It is installed at the top points of the system - on radiators, heated towel rails, on risers, etc. In the event of an air lock in the system, it is vented through the air vent by unscrewing the handle counterclockwise. In the process, a sound characteristic of the release of air will appear. When water begins to ooze from the technological hole after the air has been vented, then the air lock is removed and the valve is closed.

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