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Boiler safety group 1 "wood J G

  • Boiler safety group 1 "wood J G
  • Brand: J.G.
  • Product Code: 431-1
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from 1 pc.1 600.30 грн.
from 3 pc.1 480.24 грн.

Boiler safety group 1 "wood J G

Boiler Safety Group 1" J G is designed for the safe operation of the boiler connected to the heating system. The J.G Valve safety group consists of a pressure gauge, an automatic air vent and a safety valve. The work of the J.G Valve safety group is to remove excess air from the heating system, and if necessary, to release excess pressure.

Технические характеристики группы безопасности J.G Valve:

Area of application                               Tank, Cauldron

Maximum working temperature    80 deg.

Bottom connection                               1" V

Group complete set                              Automatic air vent, Check valve, Pressure gauge, Safety valve

Guarantee period                                 6 months                       



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