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Angle American crane 1/2 (Santechkomplekt)

  • Angle American crane 1/2  (Santechkomplekt)


from 1 pc.1 102.67 грн.
from 10 pc.1 76.59 грн.

Type of valve gate: Ball, Connection diameter: 1/2 "x1 / 2", Material: Brass, Ball material: Steel, Application: Plumbing and heating, Manufacturer: No brand, Type: Angle, Handle design: Butterfly, Thread type : Internal - External (VN),

Angle American crane 1/2 

The American Kutoviy 1/2 crane (Santekhkomplekt) is used to regulate the flow of water in heating and water supply systems, as well as non-aggressive liquids in pipelines of various technological processes. Compared to a conventional ball valve, it has a design feature - it is combined with an "American" squeegee, which makes it possible to obtain a quick-disconnect connection with a shut-off valve, which is necessary for equipment that must be periodically dismantled for maintenance (filters, hot water devices, etc.).

The crane is notable for its angular construction for installation. It is distinguished by its strength, endurance and long service life, which provides high-quality manufacturing material. Brass does not react to changes in temperature and pressure surges, is not subject to deformation and wear, does not allow corrosion to spread. The crane is operated by a butterfly handle and a steel ball is used as a shutte


Body:      Brass, nickel plated

Ball valve:        Metal

Diameter:      1/2
Thread:        internal external

Metal thickness (mm):       2.3
Handle shape:            butterfly

Maintainability:       non-repairable

Diameter efficiency:   partial bore

Temperature range (Celsius): -10 ... + 100

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