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Expansion tank for heating 10 l flat

  • Expansion tank for heating 10 l flat
  • Brand: H-World
  • Product Code: 1746-1
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from 1 pc.1 834.62 грн.

A flat tank for heating systems 12 liters is designed to compensate for the expansion of the coolant during temperature drops in closed-type heating systems. When the temperature of the water in the system rises, its volume increases. Excess water is collected in an expansion vessel. The pressure in a closed system is not constant. It depends on the temperature of the water, as well as on the amount of throttling on the regulating elements of the system. A safety valve protects the system from overpressure. If this happens, the valve opens, releasing excess water.

The expansion tank for the heating system is a steel vessel covered with powder paint, and inside it is divided by a food-grade membrane made of pure rubber into 2 parts (for water and for air). At the top of the tank there is a flange, which is connected to the heating system through a threaded branch pipe, and at the bottom there is a nipple for air injection


Country of origin China
Expansion tank volume 12.0 (l)
Expansion vessel type Diaphragm
Body material Steel
Installation method Wall mounted
Tank design Flat (tablet)
Tank location Vertical (without feet)
Replaceable diaphragm Yes
Color Red

Overall and connecting dimensions
Connection pipe diameter 3/4 "

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