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Shower head FERRO 01

  • Shower head FERRO 01
  • Brand: HAIBA
  • Product Code: aks131
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from 1 pc.1 72.20 грн.

Complete set: Without complete set, Material: Plastic, Purpose: For shower, Availability of switch: Yes, Manufacturer: O&L, Type: Watering cans, Number of modes: 3, Color: Chrome

Shower head FERRO 01

The Ferro 01 hand shower head is a must-have for the bathroom. The shower head allows you to comfortably use the hand shower system by accurately spraying the water flow in the desired direction. The chrome coating of the watering can protects it from cracking and clouding of the coating.The shower head is attached to the hose using a standard threaded connection; rubber or silicone rings are used for sealing.

The FERRO 01 shower head is designed for all types of imported faucets with 1/2 "thread. This model is equipped with 3 modes of water supply. They can be easily switched between each other by means of a lever placed on the shower disc.The overall design of the showerhead is characterized by standard parameters and convenience. The shower disc has several types of holes that affect the flow. It contains scattered large holes with blue inserts, three rows of small holes in a circular position, openings directly in the center.



Number of modes                        3

Equipment                                    Without complete set

Material                                         Plastic

Appointment                                  For shower

The presence of a switch              There is

Manufacturer                                 O&L

Type of                                          Watering cans

Colour                                           Chromium

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