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Filter disc 1" for drip irrigation

  • Filter disc 1" for drip irrigation
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0016-1
  • Availability: В наличии


from 1 pc.1 217.52 грн.
from 7 pc.1 166.76 грн.

Coarse filter type - Disk, Maximum flow - 4 (cub. m / h), Mounting method - Horizontal / vertical, Connection diameter - 1", Degree of purification, mesh-120 mesh

Filter disc 1" for drip irrigation

The 1" disc filter is ideal for filtering water coming from open water bodies, such as irrigation canals, ponds, rivers. It filters well both organic impurities (algae, mud, small mollusks, larvae and caviar) and mineral suspension - sand, particles lime, rust, etc. Designed for preliminary purification of water supplied to the irrigation system from a main or tank. Protects sprinklers, drippers, drip tape and drip tube from clogging, increases their service life. The filter is installed in the gap of the main pipeline by means of a threaded connection with an external thread.


• Manufacturer -   Santehplast

• Producing country - Ukraine

• Type filter coarse cleaning -Diskovyy

• Maximum flow - 4 (cube m/hour)

• Housing material - Plastic

• Mounting method - Horizontal/Vertical

• Connection diameter - 1"

• Thread - outdoor

• Degree of filtration - 120 mesh


• Light weight and dimensions;

• low price;

• Durable, made of plastic

• Significantly increases the life of irrigation systems;

• Easy to install and maintain.

The recommended working pressure in the system is 3 atmospheres.

The filter housing is made of high quality plastic resistant to mechanical stress, temperature changes and UV radiation.

The disc filter element is durable and easy to clean, convenient collapsible design for easy maintenance and cleaning of the filter.

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