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Watering tape Fog 60mm - 100m

  • Watering tape Fog 60mm - 100m
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0019
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Irrigation range 6 - 7 m, operating pressure 1.5 - 2 Bar, inner diameter - 40 mm., Tape width, mm - 60, length in a coil 100 m.

Watering tape Fog 60mm - 100m

Tape for watering Fog diameter 40 mm (tape when folded 60 mm). It is an effective substitute for traditional watering of plants, which has established itself as an indispensable assistant in the agricultural sector.
Hose FOG, is an effective and efficient method of surface irrigation of crops, which allows you to water crops directly on top of plants, thereby feeding the foliage of plants that require such irrigation.
Mist hose main features:
• Ease of operation - does not require special knowledge and skills;
• Resistant to clogging;
• The presence of a special environmentally friendly additive allows you to bend the Fog hose in a place convenient for you and build the required laying trajectory.

• Full surface coverage of irrigated plants;
• Use on the open and closed ground;
• Durable in use.

• A wide range of fittings and accessories for the Mist hose;
• Water savings compared to traditional irrigation methods;
• Mobility for transport and stacking.
• Ability to use both for professional irrigation (greenhouses, plantations, fields, etc.) and for amateur (lawns, land plots, etc.)

Benefits of SantehPlast Fog Tape:
High quality;
unwinds easily and quickly;
ease of installation
is fed to any bend along the desired trajectory;
clogged holes are easily eliminated;
high efficiency;
with a minimum pressure of 0.2 to 0.8 kg/cm^2 you reduce energy consumption, thus saving 90% on sprinkler irrigation system costs.
Technical characteristics:
Name                                Tape for watering Mist 40mm
Tape width, mm:                      60
Wall thickness, mm                 0,25
Tape diameter, mm: 40 мм
Irrigation width, m                    6-7
Coil length, m:                         100
Manufacturer: Santehplast -  Ukraine

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