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Drip irrigation tape DT 162/15 (1000 m)

  • Drip irrigation tape DT 162/15 (1000 m)
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0036
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Type Drip tape, Max working pressure 2 atm, Distance between droppers 15 cm, Water consumption 1.4 l / h, Diameter 16 mm, Length 1000 m

Drip irrigation tape DT 162/15 (1000 m)

Max working pressure: 2 atm
Condition: New
Water consumption: 1.4 l / h
Type: Drip Tape
Dripper spacing: 15cm

DT 162/15 drip tape (1000 m) is a thin-walled tube with built-in drippers on the surface. The distance between the droppers is 15 cm. The tape is made using light stabilizing additives that protect it from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it is resistant to the chemical attack of pesticides and various fertilizers that are used to grow many plants. All this has a beneficial effect on its service life.

What are the advantages of a drip tape for an automatic irrigation system:

The drip tape delivers water directly to the root system of plants, which helps them better absorb moisture.
Dispensers mounted on the belt ensure that water and water-soluble nutrients are delivered to the plants in small portions and at the right frequency.
Helps to significantly save water resources.

The use of drip tape prevents the occurrence of phytopathologies in plants, which are provoked by the ingress of water on the leaves.
Prevents soil erosion.
Keeps soil moisture for a long time.
Provides moisture even to difficult-to-permeate soil.
Can be used at low pressure.
After drip irrigation, puddles do not form on the surface, which facilitates easy human access to different zones of plant growing.

Resistant to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.
Perhaps the most economical drip irrigation tool is a drip tape, the price of which is notable for its democratic nature, which makes it affordable for everyone.
Any type of irrigation belt can be laid both on the ground and in the ground. Filters are recommended to minimize belt clogging.

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