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Drip irrigation tape DT 162/10 (1000 m)

  • Drip irrigation tape DT 162/10 (1000 m)
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0038
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Type Drip tape, Max working pressure 2 atm, Distance between droppers 10 cm, Water consumption 1.4 l / h, Diameter 16 mm, Length 1000 m

Max working pressure: 2 atm
Condition:                      New
Water consumption:      1.4 l / h
Length:                          1000 m
Type:                              Drip Tape

Drip irrigation tape DT 162/10 is a thin-walled hose with pre-installed water supply points built into the inner surface of the tube at a distance of 10 cm and a length of 1000 m. It is used for watering vegetable, fruit and flower crops both in the open field and in greenhouses. This tape is made from virgin raw materials with the addition of high quality plasticizers to ensure UV resistance. The tape has an increased wall thickness of 0.20 mm, which corresponds to a thickness of 8 mil. This wall thickness allows the tape to be used for 3-5 seasons, subject to the operating and storage conditions.

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