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Drip tape emitter COS 30 cm (500m)

  • Drip tape emitter COS 30 cm (500m)
  • Brand: Santehplast
  • Product Code: kap0055
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from 1 Bay 1,110.02 грн.
from 2 Bay 979.98 грн.

Type - Drip line.
The maximum working vice is 1.1 atm.
Come out with dribblers - 30 cm.
Vitrata vodi - 1.4 l / year.
Diameter - 16 mm.
Dovzhin - 500 m.

Type - Drip tape.
Max working pressure - 1.1 atm.
The distance between the droppers is 30 cm.
Water consumption - 1.4 l / h.
Diameter - 16 mm.
Length - 500 m.
The country of the manufacturer is Ukraine.

Drip irrigation tape COS emitter 30 cm (500 m)

COS drip tape belongs to thin tapes - wall thickness 0.16 mm. The emitter drip tape has a flat labyrinth emitter built into it, which, due to the wide inlet and filter at the inlet, has improved clogging protection. Therefore, emitter drip tape can be used for several seasons in a row with careful handling. Drip irrigation tape is a thin-walled tube in which holes are made with a certain step and in a special way from which water is poured out at a certain rate



Code:                     DT1616-30-1 / 4L

Manufacturer:    Santehplast

Type:                   drip tape

Discharge:         1.4 l / h

Wall thickness:  0.16 mm (6.3 mil)

Belt diameter: 16mm

Coil length:       500 m

Dist. between emitters:  30 cm

Working pressure:      0.4-1.2 bar


resistant to ultraviolet light, chemicals
made with high quality raw materials
provides economical water consumption
water supply directly to each plant

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