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Sprinkler 3-arm rotating on a foot AP 3030

  • Sprinkler 3-arm rotating on a foot AP 3030
  • Brand: Aquapulse
  • Product Code: АР50
  • Availability: In Stock


from 1 pc.1 107.06 грн.
from 6 pc.1 76.47 грн.

• Fine tuning of irrigation
• Working pressure from 1 bar
• Irrigation diameter: 15 m.

Sprinkler 3-arm rotating on the foot AP 3030 The sprinkler circular with a rotating head of three sprinklers serves for uniform irrigation of the area. The product is made of stable plastic. It guarantees the product durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The design of the sprinkler is a rotating element on which three sprinklers are located.Each of them can also take different positions relative to its axis. The arms are equipped with 6 nozzles. Such a structure of the sprinkler allows for fast and dense irrigation, as well as to regulate its character and direction. The sprinkler is fixed on the ground with a peg. The universal plastic leg, due to the rear outlet with an external 3/4 "thread, if irrigation is required over a large area, allows you to continue the serial connection of additional nozzles. Connection to the hose using a connector. Irrigation diameter - 15 m.

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