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Coarse water filter 3/4" SK

  • Coarse water filter 3/4" SK


from 1 pc.1 125.86 грн.
from 10 pc.1 91.08 грн.

Type: Coarse cleaning, Connection diameter, inch: (20) 3/4 ", Connection thread: Internal-internal Material: Brass, Purpose: For domestic water,

Coarse water filter 3/4" SK

A coarse water filter is used to remove mechanical impurities (sand, rust, solid particles) in order to increase the tightness of the shut-off units of pipelines and control devices, and to increase the overhaul period of these devices by reducing the wear of their parts.

The oblique filter is installed both vertically and horizontally, depending on the design of the system, and the direction of flow of the filtered medium is shown by an arrow on the filter housing itself. The filter is obliquely placed with the stopper downwards so that the impurities trapped inside the filter do not impede the passage of the liquid flow.

To remove mechanical impurities, the filter must be washed.


Material                                                Brass

Color                                                    Golden

Appointment                                        Coarse filter

Thread                                                 Internal

Thread diameter                                  3/4 "(20 mm)

Connection type                                   Threaded

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