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Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C

  • Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C
  • Brand: ATLANTIC
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Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C

Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C 1500W (2x1200W) has the shape of a prism and can be installed in any interior. Such a boiler can be bought for a family of 3 people. Mounting method - vertical. The height of the device has changed from 790 mm to 712 mm. This allows you to install it even in a small closet.
The design uses a dry steatite heating element, developed by specialists from the French company Atlantic. The heating element does not come into contact with water, as it is located in a ceramic flask. This contributes to maximum protection of the tank from corrosion and scale. This arrangement of the heating element increases the heat transfer area, so the water heats up faster. The element can be replaced without draining the tank. Replacement should be done once every 2 years.

As an additional anti-corrosion protection, the Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C 1500W uses a magnesium anode, which has an extended service life. The magnesium-coated metal pin reacts chemically with salts, reducing scale build-up on the tank walls. The use of a steatite heating element and a magnesium anode increase the operational life of the water heater and reduce the frequency of maintenance.

The inner tank is made of high quality stainless steel, which is approved for use in medicine and food production. Polyurethane foam with high heat-insulating properties is used as thermal insulation. The material saves energy.

Water passes through improved stainless steel pipes. The safety valve helps to eliminate excess pressure. The dielectric coupling prevents currents from entering the device through the iron supply pipes.

Specifications water heater Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 75 S4 C 1500W
Volume, liters 75
Heating element type Dry
Installation Vertical
Heating element power, W 1500
Type of water heater Electric storage
Water heater shape Rectangular
Installation type Wall mounted
Pipe connection Lower
Number of users For 2 people: 50-79 l.
Maximum heating temperature, °С 65
Minimum time
heating from 15 to 65 °С,

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