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Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150 S4 C

  • Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150 S4 C
  • Brand: ATLANTIC
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Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150 S4 C

Boilers Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150 S4 C 1500W have the shape of a prism, installed vertically. A capacious tank of 150 liters will provide hot water for a family of 5-6 people. The elegant shape and white color of the body allow you to harmoniously place the device in any interior.
The 2018 Atlantic 150 liter water heater is equipped with a dry heating element. The heating element is located in an enameled metal flask. Material adapted to highly mineralized, hard or demineralized water. The heating element is reliably protected from contact with liquid.This arrangement of the heating element increases the heat transfer area, so the water heats up faster. The element is easy to replace without draining the water from the tank.

When ordering the updated model Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150 S4 C 1500W, the user gets a reliable and durable device. Long service life is achieved due to high anti-corrosion protection.

The inner tank is covered with glass-ceramic with a high content of titanium and copper against electrochemical corrosion and bacteria.Magnesium anode provides additional protection against oxidative processes. By reacting chemically with the salts that are saturated in water, the device reduces the likelihood of corrosion in the inner tank. Magnesium anode needs to be changed every 2 years.

Polyurethane foam with high thermal insulation properties is used as thermal insulation in water heaters.. The material allows you to save energy and keep water hot for a long time. To combat excess pressure, a safety valve is provided, which is included in the product kit.

The built-in ultra-precise capillary thermostat determines the water heating temperature with an accuracy of 1°C, which will save up to 15% of electricity. Water passes through advanced stainless steel pipes. The dielectric coupling protects the boiler from currents that can enter it through the iron supply pipes.

Main advantages

Water heats up faster due to the use of a dry heating element in the design. With a power of 1500 kW, the heating time is 6.24 hours. An effective insulating layer allows you to maintain a high temperature of the water for a long time.

The device is characterized by a high level of security. If there is no water in the tank, the dry heating protection ensures that the heating element is turned off.

The temperature setting is carried out with a knob located on the control panel. The indicator notifies about the operation of the heating element. When the boiler is switched to the "Anti-freeze" mode, the light sensor is on. This mode allows you to set water heating up to 7°C for additional energy savings when you are away from home.

The cost of a water heater of this brand is due to such advantages:

elegant design;
a significant warranty period for the internal tank - up to 7 years and for components - 2 years;
high anti-corrosion protection;
energy saving qualities.
Water heaters Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 150

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