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Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C

  •  Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C
  • Brand: ATLANTIC
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from 1 pc.1 13,118.09 грн.

 Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C

Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C 1500W (2х1200W) dry ten. The heating unit is located in a special steel flask and does not come into contact with water. This prevents corrosion of the part and prolongs its service life.
Thanks to good heat transfer, the ceramic element heats up faster than usual. The water temperature in the tank remains high for a long time. This saves up to 15% of electricity. Therefore, the cost of Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C 1500W is slightly higher than models with a conventional heating element.

The devices are characterized by a high level of security. If there is no water in the tank, protection against dry heating ensures that the heating element is turned off. Thanks to a special thermostat, the water temperature does not exceed 65 ° C. To combat overpressure, a safety valve is provided, which is included in the product package.
The water heater is equipped with an oversized magnesium anode. The device helps to protect the walls of the tank from corrosion. By entering into a chemical reaction, the magnesium anode significantly reduces the formation of scale on the heating element bulb. It is worth changing a part once every 2 years.

A special glass-ceramic coating of the inner surface of the tank also has anticorrosive protection. In combination with strong walls, this ensures uninterrupted operation of the unit for up to 7 years. To prevent heat loss, the product is constructed with durable polyurethane thermal insulation. It is completely safe for the health of others and allows you to keep the water hot for a long time.

The built-in ultra-precise capillary thermostat determines the temperature of water heating with an accuracy of 1 ° C. The connections are made of high quality stainless steel.

Characteristics of the water heater Boiler Atlantic Steatite Cube VM 100 S4 C 1500W

Volume, liters 100
Heating element type Dry
Installation Vertical
Heating element power, W 1500
Water heater type Electric storage
Water heater shape Rectangular
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Lower piping
Number of users For 3-4 persons: 80-100 liters.
Maximum temperature
heating, ° С


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