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Pipe PPR KOER Stabi (Aluminum) 63 x 10,5

  • Pipe PPR KOER Stabi (Aluminum) 63 x 10,5


from 1 run.m. 447.45 грн.

Pipe type: Not zachistnaya Type armirovki: Aluminum The size: 63 mm Purpose: Heating, water supply. Мах working pressure: 10 atm Мах. working t (°С): 70°С Colour: Gray Country manufacturer: Czech 

Pipe PPR KOER Stabi (Aluminum) 63 x 10,5

Pipe KOER armirovannaya (not zachistnaya) intended for systems cold,

hot water supply and heating. 

For increase prochnosti polypropylene pipes applied  armirovaniya: via

aluminum foil  

Pipe Stabi: manufactured methodom multilayer extrusion, where external layer

produced from PPR, and inner layer - from PPR. Average aluminum layer

passes on all length pipes and welded ultrasonic welding "vnakhlest".

External and inner polymeric layers soyedinyayutsya co layer aluminum

with help special polymer glue.Aluminum layer pipes

provides more low linear extension , a most the main thing - absolute

oxygen impermeability. High strength soyedineniye polymeric layers with

aluminum defines value thermal extensions, which similar

characteristics all-metal pipes.

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