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Pipe polypropylene KOER composite basalt 40 x 6,7

  • Pipe polypropylene KOER composite basalt 40 x 6,7


from 1 run.m. 30.22 грн.

Pipe polypropylene KOER composite basalt 40 x 6,7

Koer applied for systems cold and hot water supply, for heating,

 fordrinking water, systems conditioning. PPR pipe composite consists of 

three layers: external and internal from polypropylene, a between them  - layer

metala. Pipe reenforce aluminum foil not requires zachistki, what

v razy facilitates assembling pipes.

Pipes from polypropylene have such svoystva:

  • they cheaper and easier steely vodoprovodnykh pipes;
  • simple installation, which  produced in several once faster, than installation metallicheskikh pipes, way muftovoy welding per  several seconds will give possibility ensure longevous  reliable and, main, sealed conjunction;
  • elasticity, this is allows using given viewa pipes in installation warm gender;
  • high chemical persistence (inertia), special characteristic polypropylene pipes  — they non-toxic, this is completely not affects on quality water;
  • at direct in contact with with water pipes  steady to corrosion, on internal walls не formed calcareous deposits;
  • perennial service – co time internal diameter pipes practically not decreases в dimensions;
  • sustainability  to changing conditions – withstand swings pressure and temperatures in enough wide range;
    • such characteristic pipes polypropylene how lower thermal conductivity, gives возможность в working mode not admit on surfaces pipeline constitute condensate;
  • excellent soundproofing, limited emergence noise at протекании воды по polypropylene pipes and fitingam for them;
  • ratio quality and prices achieved thanks to technological simplicity facility and low cost raw materials;

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