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Armature for the tank "Moscow" double button

  • Armature for the tank "Moscow" double button
  • Brand: МОСКВА
  • Product Code: 2080
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from 1 pc.1 256.69 грн.

Product type: Toilet flush mechanism (valve included) Flush mechanism; Double button Pushbutton: chrome-plated Connection type: Lateral Fitting diameter: 60 mm Connection of the nipple: 1/2 inch Brand: "Moscow" Country of origin: Russia

Armature for the tank "Moscow" double button

The fittings for the cistern "Moscow" 1/2 are a device for draining water in a toilet bowl. The kit includes a trigger mechanism with a double drain and a universal water supply valve 1/2 - side connection Chrome button with two drain modes included.

This mechanism is mounted in a cistern with a height of 288 mm to 438 mm. Equipped with two drainage modes of different intensity.


type of product                      Toilet flush mechanism (valve included)

Brand                                       "Moscow"

Drainage mechanism           Double button

Button:                                  chrome plated

Connection type                  Side

Landing diameter:               60 mm

Nipple connection:              1/2 inch

Country of origin                 Russia

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