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Vibrating pump Geyser lower fence 2 valves

  • Vibrating pump Geyser lower fence 2 valves
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Pump diameter, mm: 100, Max. immersion depth, m: 3, Maximum head, m: 80, Number of valves 2, Water selection-bottom Power, W: 230, Type: For a well, Weight: 4.0 kg, Outlet connection diameter: 3/4 inch (19mm), capacity 9 liters per minute ,, Body material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 63 m, Pump type: Vibrating submersible

Vibrating pump Geyser lower fence 2 valves

The vibration pump Geyser draws water from the bottom of the pump using two valves; this arrangement of valves has its advantages. Such pumps are often used to develop new wells or pump out water from flooded premises, since the lower location of the valves allows you to maximally remove water from the room or reservoir.... With the help of such a pump, you can easily create the simplest irrigation system in your garden or in the country, it does not require large financial investments and will take a little time. The body of the unit is completely sealed and made of aluminum, which makes it possible to submerge the pump to a depth of 5 meters

The pump itself consists of a hydraulic chamber and an electromagnet. The suction port is covered with rubber valves. The pump has a branch pipe for connecting a hose with a clamp. The main advantages of this model are low price, small dimensions and weight. Lower water intake.

The vibration pump of the Geyser BV-0.15-63-U5 model shows a capacity of 9 liters per minute. The power of the device is 0.4 kW, the pump weighs three and a half kilograms, and operates on a 220V network. Suitable for watering a garden, pumping water from lakes, wells. The temperature of the liquid should not be higher than 35 degrees, and the immersion depth should not be more than three meters. The vibrating device Geyser BV-0.15-63-U5 is of high quality and will last for more than one year. To ensure durability, avoid using it in polluted water bodies where there is sand or silt.

Basic Attributes

Manufacturer                                                 Geyser

Country of origin                                          Ukraine

Weight                                                           4 kg

Pump type                                                     Vibrating

Warranty period                                           12 months

Maximum head                                             63 m

Main characteristics

Pump type                                             Vibrating, Well, Downhole

Water intake                                          Lower

Number of valves                                  2

Maximum immersion depth (m)            3

Maximum head (m)                               80

Body material                                        Aluminum                          

Power consumption (W))                      220

Throughput (cubic meters / hour)         0,54

Pump installation method                      Submersible

Manufacturer country                            Ukraine

Installing the pump                                Vertical, Horizontal / Vertical

Dimensions (edit)

Diameter (mm)                                  100

Cable length (m)                                10

The weight

Weight, kg)                                             4          


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