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Vibrating pump Strongman lower fence

  • Vibrating pump Strongman lower fence
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Pump diameter, mm: 100, Max. immersion depth, m: 3, Maximum head, m: 63 ,, valves-2, Water selection-bottom, Power, W: 900, Manufacturer: Kharkov, Type: For a well, Weight: 4 kg, Outlet fitting diameter: 3/4 inches (19mm), Maximum capacity 600 liters per hour, Body material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 80 m, Pump type: Vibrating submersible, Cable length - 7 meters

The vibratory pump "Strong" is designed to lift fresh water from tubular wells with a diameter of more than 100 mm, various wells, open reservoirs (rivers, lakes, pools), various containers. individual water supply.

Water is pumped from the pressure chamber of the electric pump into the pipeline (hose) to a height of 80 or more meters, creating a pressure of up to 6-7.5 atmospheres. It has two suction valves, due to which a greater volume of water rise from the depth is achieved. The pump "Strong" is easy to operate: it does not require stationary installation, filling with water, lubrication, it is put into operation immediately after immersion in water on a flexible suspension.

Pump application:

water supply for individual objects of suburban housing, farms, greenhouses, etc.
• supply of drinking water to suburban housing facilities;
• application in systems of watering and irrigation of garden plots;
• spraying trees and shrubs (when using spray nozzles);
• for pumping water from basements, garages

Main characteristics:

• Kharchuvannya: 220 V / 50 Hz

• Energy saving, W - 900

• Type of water intake: lower

• System for water intake: Double valves

• Strength of the struma, A - not more than 4.0

• Mass, kg - not more than 4.0

• Overall dimensions: diameter 100 mm, height 315 mm

• Maximum head, m - 80

• Nominalny head, m - 63

• Productivity (max.), L / year - 1500

• Nominal volume of water supply, l / year - 600

• Klas zahistu vіd urazhennya ate. strum - II

• Degree of protection against moisture - waterproof

• Nominal operating mode: intermittent

• Duration / break -: 120/20 minutes

• Water temperature: no more than 35 ° C

• Water intake - bottom.

• Warranty 12 months.

Manufacturer: Ukraine, Kharkov

Basic Attributes

Country of origin Ukraine
Frequency 50.0 (Hz)
Water quality Clean
Warranty period 12 (months)

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