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Pump housing

  • Pump housing


from 1 pc.1 2,502.63 грн.
from 2 pc.1 2,079.11 грн.

Power - 1.1 kW

Max head (m)......45

motor shaft material ... Stainless steel AIS

Suction depth (m)........8,00

Maximum performance - 50l/min

Pump housing - cast iron

Surface centrifugal pump VODOMET JET100

Reliable surface centrifugal water pump VODOMET ™ JET100 series is designed for pumping clean dummies without impurities from a well, wells, open reservoirs. The VODOMET centrifugal water pump combines an adequate price and good quality. He will easily cope with the watering of your suburban area. This model is suitable for water supply of a private house from a well or well. One of the advantages of VODOMET pumping equipment is ease of installation, maintenance and mobility.

Structural features

  • monoblock horizontal with one impeller

  • cast iron pump housing

  • impeller - centrifugal, closed type, made of high-strength PRO technopolymer

  • the ejector assembly (diffuser with Venturi tube) built into the pumping chamber is made of glass-filled PPO

  • shaft, AISI 304 stainless steel reflector

  • mechanical seals - graphite / ceramic / NBR / AISI 304

Casing: cast iron with anti-corrosion coating and 20% thicker casing Impeller: technopolymer Motor shaft: AISI 304 stainless steel


  • Power - 1.1 kW
  • Maximum head - 45m
  • Suction depth (m). - 8.00
  • Maximum productivity - 50l/min
  • Pump housing - cast iron
  • Motor winding - copper
  • Motor shaft - stainless steel
  • Engine type - centrifugal self-priming
  • Warranty 12 months

Due to the excellent properties of cast iron to absorb vibration and noise, this pump has the lowest data on these negative manifestations in its class.

It can be installed in close proximity to consumption points - vibration and noise will be minimal.

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