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Check valve 1/2 коеr

  • Check valve 1/2 коеr
  • Brand: KOER
  • Product Code: 723
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from 1 pc.1 147.38 грн.
from 10 pc.1 108.05 грн.

Type: Check valve, Diameter: 1/2 ", Material: Brass, Connection: threaded, Manufacturer: Koer,

Check valve 1/2 коеr

The check valve is designed to prevent a change in the direction of the flow of the medium in the process system and is used as a type of protective pipeline fittings Check valves pass the medium in one direction and prevent its movement in the opposite direction, while acting in an automatic mode and being a valve that protects pressure drops.With the help of a check valve, it is possible to protect various equipment (pumps, pipelines, boilers, etc.) and also significantly limit the flow of the working medium from the system in the event of failure of one of the sections of the overall system. The important function of these devices is that they perform its task both in normal operation and in emergency situations.

Check valve 1/2 "- a pipeline (water supply) fitting designed to organize the flow of liquid in only one direction, with the prohibition (locking) of its reverse flow. The locking mechanism is a spring-loaded butterfly valve. The body and valve mechanism of the check valve are made of corrosion-resistant brass ..For installation on a steel pipeline or branch pipes of water supply equipment, it has 1/2 "internal pipe threads on both sides. Own bore diameter - 15 mm.

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