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Vibrating electric pump Fountain lower fence

  • Vibrating electric pump Fountain lower fence
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from 1 pc.1 688.98 грн.

Nominal flow rate: 350 W Nominal flow rate: 40 m Nominal water flow rate: 720 l / year Number of valves: 3 Internal diameter of pressure ports: 3/4 " Maximum working depth of bore: 3 m

Vibrating electric pump Fountain lower fence

The household electric pump BV-0.2-40-U5 "Fountain" is designed to supply fresh water from any reservoirs and tubular wells with an inner diameter of more than 100 mm from a depth of up to 40 m.
The Fantan household electric pump works with 3 valves and a lower water intake, making it one of the pumps with the highest capacity - up to 720 liters per hour.

The working part of the rod mechanism of the Fountain vibration pump is made at a high technical level, which ensures the uniqueness of the characteristics and high performance of this pump.

First of all, pay attention to this household electric pump if you spend a lot of time in your country house and it is important for you that you do not have interruptions in water supply. It will easily provide constant water supply to the house and water for irrigation of the garden, vegetable garden and flower beds.

The design features of the vibrating pump fountain allows water to rise from a depth of up to 80 meters, achieve a pressure of 8.5 atmospheres and provide a volumetric supply of water up to720 liters per hour from shallow depths, and from a depth of 40 meters - up to 600 liters per hour.
In the production process, the Pump Fountain vibrating water lower water intake BV-0.2-40-U5, Kharkov, undergoes mandatory testing and control for compliance with its declared characteristics



• Rated voltage - 220V,
• network frequency - 50 Hz
• Nominal head - 40m
• Maximum head - 80m
• Productivity 720l / h
• Power consumption - 350 W
• Number of valves: 3
• Amount of current no more - 3.7 A
• Weight - no more than 3.4 kg
• Nominal volumetric water supply - 0.2X10-3 m3 / s
• Class of protection against electric shock - 2
• Degree of protection against moisture - waterproof
• The running time of the electric pump should be no more than 1 hour, after which it should be turned off for at least 30 minutes.

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