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Electric pump vibrating kid breeze lower fence

  • Electric pump vibrating kid breeze lower fence
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from 1 pc.1 625.19 грн.

Pump diameter, mm: 100, Max. immersion depth, m: 3, Maximum head, m: 40, 1 valve, Water selection - bottom. Power, W: 230, Manufacturer: Kharkov, Type: For a well, Weight: 3.1 kg, Outlet connection diameter: 3/4 inch (19mm), maximum productivity 360 liters per hour, Body material: Aluminum, Nominal head: 63 m, Pump type: Vibrating submersible

The electric submersible vibration pump "Malysh" breeze is designed to take water from any type of reservoir, well, as well as a well (while its diameter must be at least 10 cm). The maximum working depth of the vibration pump is 63 meters. This submersible pump operates on a bottom water intake system and has one valve.

It is worth answering that the Kid's water pumps have a wide range of applications and can fully provide the whole family with water. They are usually used for: watering the garden and vegetable garden; providing the suburban area with drinking water from a well or well; providing a house or a summer residence with water for domestic needs. Thanks to the upper intake system, it does not overheat even with a large amount of work and in extreme heat. Another plus is that it will not pick up dirt or silt from the bottom of a river or other body of water. The pump gives average performance indicators - up to 360 l / h. Great if you don't need a lot of power. Ideal for watering a small garden or vegetable garden


Rated power consumption: 230 W
Nominal head: 40 m
 Maximum head: 63 m

Nominal volumetric water supply: 360 l / h
Number of valves: 1
Connection - hose 3/4 "

Case diameter - 100 (mm)
Nominal supply voltage: 220 V

Frequency: 50 Hz
Weight: no more than 3.1 kg

Protection class against electric shock: II Degree of protection against moisture: IPX8 Nominal operating mode: intermittent operation Maximum operating immersion depth: 3 m Cable length: 5 m


Outside diameter: 100mm
Pump body: aluminum
Stem: stainless steel
Valve: food grade rubber
Check valve: rubber

The degree of moisture protection is waterproof.

The Malysh water pump is easy to operate: it does not require stationary installation, filling with water, lubrication, it is put into operation immediately after immersion in water on a flexible suspension. The pump is protected against overloads. Mode of operation: intermittent (120 min. Work, 20 min. Rest)

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