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Hose for watering IDRO GREEN 1" 25 meters

  • Hose for watering IDRO GREEN 1"   25 meters
  • Brand: Aquapulse
  • Product Code: ИТ9
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Diameter, inch                        1"

Diameter, mm:                          25

Working pressure (atm)          7

Number of hose layers           3

Purpose                        for watering

reinforced hose                    Yes

Hose for watering IDRO GREEN 1"   25 meters

Idro Green hose is three-layer reinforced for moderately intensive use. The inner layer is made of a material that is resistant to the damaging effects of UV radiation, preventing the growth of algae inside the hose. Cross-braid of synthetic twisted fibre.

Three-layer garden hose for general use. Structure: transparent green outer layer, braided textile reinforcement, black inner layer prevents algae.


Diameter, inch                                        1"

Number of hose layers                           3

Diameter, mm:                                        25 

Inner diameter:                                 1" (22 мм)

Purpose                                        for watering

Inner food layer                                    Not

reinforced hose                                    Yes

Coil length (m.p):                                  25

Color                                                 Green

Working pressure (atm):                       7

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