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Adjustable plastic gun - AP 2001R

  • Adjustable plastic gun - AP 2001R
  • Brand: Aquapulse
  • Product Code: АР18
  • Availability: In Stock


from 1 pc.1 94.43 грн.
from 3 pc.1 67.44 грн.

Пістолет регульований пластиковий - AP 2001R

The dual-mode adjustable spray gun is made of high-quality, impact-resistant ABS plastic and features an ergonomic anti-slip grip. Attaches to the end of a garden hose and converts a hard water jet into soft mist or fine local rain. This model uses a nozzle as a spray. With a spray gun, it is easy to control the direction of the stream and adjust its pressure. To stop the water supply, simply release the trigger lever, and for long-term operation, a lever lock is provided. This is a classic budget gun for soft watering and cleaning work with stepless spray adjustment.

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